17 Easy Ways for Stay-at-Home Parents to Make Money (That Aren’t Babysitting)

There are so many benefits to being a stay-at-home parent: you get to spend all day with your kids, play an active role in their development, and watch them grow up as much as possible. Bonus: you don’t have to pay for daycare!

But even with all the money you’re saving in childcare costs, kids are still expensive, and now you’re wondering how to earn money as a stay-at-home parent. Because two incomes – or even an income and a half! – could be the difference between that generic-brand cereal (again) and the name-brand stuff your kids beg for. And unexpected costs, like the car breaking down or that surprisingly-expensive swimming lesson, are an entirely different story.

 A common recommendation is to start an in-home daycare, or watch other family and friends’ kids “since you’re already home,” but the last thing you want is to pair your childcare duties with more childcare. Luckily, we’re here to teach you how to make money as a stay-at-home parent – without any babysitting involved.

Resell Your Kids’ Old Stuff

One thing about kids is that they’re constantly outgrowing clothes and the things they play with. Have a garage sale, list items online, or post in a local buy/sell group to give those shoes that only fit for six weeks a brand new home.

Create Something to Sell

Do you have a creative hobby? Sell your knitted clothing, crocheted items, embroidery, paintings, or handmade jewelry locally or on sites like Etsy. Or maybe you love to bake – consider starting a side business making cookies, cake pops, or other fun desserts that your kids can have a hand in creating. Customizing items with peoples’ names on demand can also be a huge hit!

Offer Services Online

You can offer freelance services for just about anything – so what are you good at? Graphic design? Website Building? Coding? Writing? Whatever your skill, chances are someone out there is willing to pay for it. Try freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr to get started.

Become a Transcriber

If you have strong typing skills and the listening ability only a parent could have, you could make extra money as a transcriber. Sites like TranscribeMe! or QuickTate will pay you a set rate to listen to audio and type what you hear. This opportunity is flexible and easy to do during naptime!

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

As a parent, you’ve got the kinds of experience, advice, and stories that other parents (or even non-parents) want to hear. Starting a blog or posting videos to YouTube can be fulfilling hobbies that could also earn you some money with enough following!

Walk Dogs or Pet Sit

While your neighbors are away at work, you’re probably dying to get out of the house. Your kids will love going on walks with the local dogs, and it’s a great opportunity to teach them about pet ownership. Drop-in or in-home pet sitting while neighbors are on vacation is also a great option that people will love and pay well for. Advertise locally or get started on sites like Rover or Wag.

Offer Consulting

Is there something you know a lot about that others would find helpful? Maybe you used to work in marketing, or you have an eye for interior design? If that’s the case, businesses or individuals may pay you to consult them! Find people through your network or advertise online to find clients.

Design Printables

Coloring pages, planners, calendars, wall decorations, worksheets… the possibilities are endless. If you have an eye for design and a tablet or computer, you can design printables and sell them for passive income. Although Etsy is the most common place to sell them, specialty sites like Teachers Pay Teachers or a website of your own can make great money as well!

Become a Tutor

Whether it’s basic math and reading, SAT prep, or a specialty subject you’re an expert in, tutoring can be lucrative and rewarding. Work with local schools or advertise your services online to begin tutoring remotely or in person out of your home.

Offer Hair and/or Nail Services

Great news for people who already have a beauty license (or have the time to get one) – you can offer salon services from your home! Being a nail tech or hairdresser also means you can spend your working day chatting with clients.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Businesses have a variety of administrative tasks that someone needs to do – so why not you? Work from anywhere to schedule appointments, book travel, update websites, post blogs, or assist with social media. Talk to local businesses or find jobs through sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, or Fiverr.

Take Pictures of Your Receipts

As we mentioned earlier, kids are expensive. But since you’re already spending the money, why not make some money just by snapping a picture of the receipt? With Receipt Hog, you can earn money for every receipt you upload. To make it even better for parents, the app will also store your receipts for easy organization, budgeting, and returns. To get started earning cash – perhaps to start your cosmetology school fund? – download Receipt Hog from the App Store or Google Play Store today.

Become a Troop Leader or Youth Sports Coach

This is one of our favorite ways for stay-at-home parents to make money. By taking a leading role in your kids’ boy/girl scout troop, youth sports team, or other extracurricular, you may also get paid. Spend time with your kids, connect with other parents, and see your kids blossom as part of a team by finding local chapters or speaking with your kids’ school for opportunities.

Write a Book

Whether it’s a novel, poetry, a collection of short stories, a recipe book, or a children’s book you co-wrote with your own kids, writing a book is both fulfilling and profitable. Pro-tip? Write about what you know and what you love!

Teach English as a Second Language

Even if you don’t speak another language, you can still teach English as a second language online from the comfort of your own home. Check out TEFL’s certification process, and consider sites like Cambly, Englishunt, or Italki to begin working with students. Don’t forget your flashcards!

Become a Proofreader

Having a solid grasp on the English language also means you can become a proofreader. Check for proper grammar, fix spelling errors, and get paid without leaving home. You can find freelance jobs on sites like Scribendi, Scribbr, or the oh-so-cleverly named Proofreading Services. Did you spot the error in this paragraph? Of course you didn’t – because we used a proofreader.

Provide Laundry Services

You know better than anyone that there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Take a load – pun intended – off your neighbors by offering to wash, dry, and fold their laundry at your home. Pick-up and drop-off services are even better!

Keep Shopping. Start Earning

Keep Shopping. Start Earning!