18 Side Hustles for Nurses to Make Extra Money

As a nurse, your reward for your long hours and a heavy workload is the satisfaction of providing quality care to those who need it. However, more money would be great, too. Fortunately, if you’re looking for how to make extra money as a nurse, your unique skill set makes you highly qualified for a variety of side jobs.

Whether you’re looking for remote work or flexible in-person jobs, this list of 17 side hustles for nurses to make extra money can give you some ideas of what you can do and how you can get started.

Paid Medical Surveys

Your medical expertise is valuable! And when companies need information on a specific healthcare topic, they’ll pay you for it. Sign up for sites like MedSurvey to participate in paid medical surveys, and you’ll make some money while helping to improve the healthcare industry as a whole.

‍‍‍Immunization Nurse

Working on-call as an immunization nurse can be a great way to bring in some extra money. Especially during flu season, companies need to bring in seasonal employees to help administer vaccines. COVID-19 has created even more opportunities for drive-thrus or pop-up clinics. Search for local openings in your area to get started.

Freelance Health Writer

Businesses wanting to expand their online healthcare content want writers who know their stuff. With your experience in the industry, you have the unique knowledge and perspective to write great content. You may also consider starting your own blog or writing a book to share your knowledge and experience!

Telehealth Nurse

With so much of the world going virtual, one of the best side jobs for nurses is telehealth. By speaking with patients over the phone or through a video call, you can answer their questions, evaluate any illnesses or injuries, and help them manage their health from anywhere with an internet connection. Find openings online to get started.

Sell Your Scrubs or Nurse Gear

You’d be surprised how much your gently used scrubs or gear can go for. Sell them locally to other nurses or list them online to give the items you no longer need a brand new home – your fellow nurses will be grateful for the deal, too!

Adjunct Nursing Professor

A nursing license paired with real experience is extremely valuable for nurses-to-be. Check to see if your local colleges or online programs are looking for adjunct nursing faculty. If you meet the requirements, you can make a little extra money and help shape the future nurses of the world. Win-win.

CPR Instructor

Nearly all nurses are required to be CPR certified, so becoming an instructor is a logical side hustle. You can enroll in the American Heart Association’s Instructor Course online. Once you’ve completed all the steps to become an authorized instructor, you can begin offering classes based on your availability.

First Aid Instructor

The Red Cross has various certification programs, including first aid, that always need qualified and passionate instructors. If you meet the prerequisites, you can sign up for instructor courses through their site and begin teaching Red Cross certifications in your free time.

Tutor Nursing Students

One thing all nurses can agree on? Nursing school isn’t easy. Working with nursing students either locally or online to help them understand material or do exam prep can be extremely rewarding side jobs for nurses. Speak with local schools, advertise your services online, or sign up with providers like HeyTutor to find students who could use your help.

Health Coach

Making a lifestyle change is hard, which is why many work with a health coach for guidance. If you’d like to work one-on-one with clients to help them lose weight, lower their stress levels, or take control of their health in other ways, look for part-time openings in your area or start finding private clients through your network or online.

Part-time Caregiver

Caregiving is in every nurse’s job description, so working part-time to take care of children or the elderly is one of the best nursing side jobs. See if any friends or family are in need of your services, or advertise locally or on sites like Care.com to look for people who are in need of expert care.


Clinics and donation centers need phlebotomists to draw blood for various tests, and nurses can easily step in wherever there’s a need – no extra certification required! Find fixed locations or traveling clinics, and pick up shifts after work or on your days off to take home some extra cash.

Birth Doula

Nurses who have experience with pregnancy and birth are great candidates for this side job. As a birth doula, you’ll assist the mother leading up to the birth and be present to support the birthing process. You can either work for an existing clinic or find clients independently. Keep in mind, however, that the schedule may be unpredictable – births can happen at any time!

Night Doula

If helping in the delivery room isn’t your thing, you can also become a night doula. Some families need extra hands a few nights a week to catch up on sleep, keep the house running, or have another support person during the early, long nights. This can be a rewarding experience to help a new family member settle into their home, snuggle a newborn and help parents get some much needed rest!

Maternal Care Provider

Another great one for nurses experienced in maternal care. During pregnancy and after a mother has had a baby – especially if it’s her first – she may need help with infant care and transitioning into motherhood. You can become a maternal care provider by reaching out to local hospitals and clinics to find openings.

Cosmetic Injector

The growing demand for cosmetic fillers and Botox means there’s also a demand for nurses to perform the procedures. Look for openings at your local medical spas and aesthetic centers to begin working as your schedule allows.

Medical Transcription

Medical facilities need transcription services to transcribe voice memos into written notes, interpret/categorize medical information, and proofread transcriptions done by software. And with your hands-on experience in a healthcare setting, those complex conditions or medication names won’t be able to throw you for a loop. Start looking for freelance gigs or join sites like GoTranscript to get started.

Camp Nurse

Another great seasonal job. Summer camps and day camps need a nurse on staff to help distribute meds, treat illnesses, and administer first aid when necessary. Talk to local camps or summer programs in your area to see if their camp nurse openings fit into your schedule.


As a nurse, your schedule is busy enough without a second job. So if you want extra income but don’t have the time or energy for a second gig, consider downloading Receipt Hog instead. Receipt Hog is an easy-to-use app that pays you cash for snapping photos of your receipts. And as you upload photos, the app also organizes your purchases for easy budgeting and returns.

Download Receipt Hog from the App Store or Google Play Store today, and start spending your extra money on something other than scrubs (or at least some really fun ones).

Keep Shopping. Start Earning

Keep Shopping. Start Earning!