How to Upload a Paper Receipt

“Would you like a copy of your receipt?” You should always be answering “Yes!” to this question because that paper receipt can turn into cash in your pocket if you upload it to Receipt Hog. No matter where you shop or what you’re buying – a stock-up trip at a big box store or a caffeine run to your favorite coffee shop – we want to reward you for your purchases.

Submitting paper receipts is easy, but there are a few tips and tricks we’ve put together to make sure you’re maximizing your rewards opportunities and cashing out faster! Read below to learn how to submit the perfect paper receipt.

What does a good paper receipt look like?

A “good” paper receipt is one that is readable, as flat as possible, and contains the following information in clear & unaltered form:

  1. Store name
  2. List of Items Purchased with Prices
  3. Transaction Total
  4. Date of Transaction


Receipts with ambiguous store names, missing the purchased items entirely, or receipts that are cut off/too faded in any of those 4 areas can’t be rewarded. For quality receipts, you can submit up to 60 each week – so don’t miss out on those rewards!

How to snap the perfect receipt picture

It’s good practice to take a receipt as soon as you get it to make sure that it doesn’t become too wrinkled, smudged, or even lost! To make sure that your receipt is legible and will be processed as quickly as possible, follow these tips when submitting your paper receipts:

  • Lay the receipt down flat with as few wrinkles as possible in a well-lit area, and try using only neutral backgrounds to lay your receipt on.
  • Line up the edges of the receipt with the lines shown on the screen.
  • Let the camera focus correctly before taking a picture or tap the screen to focus the picture manually. If you tap the screen to focus, only tap over text on the receipt to make sure your camera focuses on that text.



What if I have a really long receipt or there’s information on the back?

We know that some retailers (cough cough, one of the most popular drug stores) are notorious for extra-long receipts that can be daunting to upload and are more likely to get crumpled up in the garbage. But fear not – Receipt Hog can process receipts that seem to go on forever and even ones with information on the back. Don’t waste that obnoxious piece of paper and be sure to get rewarded with what you deserve! Simply follow these steps:

How to upload long or double-sided receipts: 

  1. Keep in mind that you can take a max of 9 images in one upload with any receipt. If you have a long or double-sided receipt, take multiple pictures by snapping pictures of the receipt from top to bottom before hitting done. Please do not attempt to submit parts of the same receipt in different uploads. Instead, be sure that you’ve captured all the information from your receipt within one upload to claim your rewards!
  2. For a receipt to qualify for rewards, the uploaded picture(s) must include the following in clear and unaltered form in 9 or fewer images:
    • Store name
    • Items purchased with prices
    • Total dollar amount
    • Purchase date.
  3. Receipts with ambiguous store names, missing the purchased items entirely, or receipts that are cut off or simply too faded in any of those 4 areas will not be rewarded.


long receipt


How long does it take to process a paper receipt?

Receipts typically take less than 24 hours to process – in most cases, your rewards are deposited in minutes! If you’ve been waiting longer than this, no worries. Depending on the receipt volume we receive in a day or how much information may be on the receipt, it could take up to a few days occasionally.

If you ever believe a receipt has been processed incorrectly after it has completely finished processing, you can simply select the “Report a Mistake” button on the receipt’s details page to tell our system to take another look at the receipt. If you don’t see the option at first, simply wait a bit longer as the receipt is likely still finishing some processing steps in the background. This option will remain available for up to 2 weeks after the receipt is finished processing.

What receipts get rejected?

We want to reward you for all the shopping you’re doing, but there are a few exceptions that we think you’ll find reasonable! The following is a few rules to follow when submitting paper receipts:

  • A receipt must be a cash register receipt
  • It cannot be a handwritten receipt
  • It cannot be a non-standard receipt/invoice
  • It cannot be a printed out e-receipt
  • Additionally, a receipt may be valid, but the store itself may not be recognized by our system and needs to be added. While our database of stores is robust, we may not support smaller independent stores or businesses in our database.
  • For more information on why a receipt may be rejected, please visit our Support Center.


Turn your paper receipts into rewards

Download Receipt Hog today from the App Store or Google Play Store, to start turning your paper receipts into rewards! If you have any questions or want to learn more, take a look through our support site to learn about all things paper receipts, or contact our customer support team.


Keep Shopping. Start Earning

Keep Shopping. Start Earning!