Privacy Policy: California Residents

Additional Information for California Residents: By using the Receipt Hog App, you agree to provide certain personal information for use by Market Track, LLC d/b/a Numerator (“Numerator”), the owner and operator of the Receipt Hog App, such as your name, email address, postal address, date of birth; research information, including information about your activities, behaviors, preferences, and interests and any content you produce for a research project; purchase history from receipts and electronic receipts; demographic information, including education, occupation, income, nationality, citizenship, country of residence, ethnicity, gender and family information; health-related information, including physical activities; application or device usage data; social media data (where you use your social media login or share this data with us); and your grocery, drugstore or other store loyalty card numbers when you sign up for a Receipt Hog App account, upload your purchase-related information or answer survey questions, in exchange for redeemable awards. The incentive we offer to you in connection with your submitted information depends on the amount and type of information you submit and direct us to share with third parties as described in our Privacy Policy.

For more information on the material terms of use of the Receipt Hog App, please see the Receipt Hog Terms & Conditions. You can opt in to this offer by selecting “Sign Up” and creating a Receipt Hog App account. You have the right to opt out at any time and can do so by submitting a request to our Support team.